All Balls

All Balls

Spring Break....

One advantage to working in a public school SPRING BREAK.....
Another advantage is that I get to spend it with my family,
especially my g-babies.
Jaycee and Cody came on Saturday and stayed with me until Weds.
Jaxson joined us and stayed until Tuesday....what a fun time.
Being a grandmother is the best - and this past week is a plus.

We started off with family pot luck/game night on Saturday. 26+ at my house was a BLAST!

We hit the movies to see "RANGO".....Chuck E Cheese, many parks/playgrounds,
 swam in the hot tub,
 played JUST DANCE on the Wii (Jaycee kicked my butt) McDonalds,
 enjoyed some great TEXAS weather 
ended our time together at the BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP.

It was a great week and it was hard to send all these sweet babies home...but then that is advantage to being a "BOO", I get to spoil them rotten and send them home for THEIR parents to contend with!
Thanks guys for a great week - I love you all very much!!!