All Balls

All Balls

1.       To start my week off, my “baby boy” turned 32. Corey has turned out to be an amazing man, husband, father, friend and SON.
His dad and I are very proud of him and all his accomplishments.
(not to mention those adorable g-babies of mine!!)

2.       After a few weeks of the kitchen remodeling being put on hold, we are finally back on the road. The cabinets, remodeled and moved, new countertop, new sink, new faucet all in.

The floor is the next big thing (the new floor is on the right)
Then a new stove and dishwasher….
can’t wait to get back to “normal”..(if that even exist in my life)

3.       I have had my Easter decorations still up. Decided it was time to put up the summer stuff (especially since it has been in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s this week)
I found a similar one on PINTEREST. I made this wreath for my front door from scraps I had. Turned out pretty good……

4.       It is ADMINSTRATIVE ASSISTANT week, Wednesday being the "DAY". I have an amazing boss, and besides daily "thank you's" and "you do a great job", he gave me a gift certificate to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE.....can't wait to put that to good use!

5.   And in keeping with my Photobucket
                       ....I am down -9lbs. I think the fact that I push mowed 3 hours last Saturday probably helped. Proof that sensible eating and exercise are the key.
Yeah for me!

Happy Friday Everyone....

The Liebster Blog Award
Liebster is a German word meaning "dearest." The Liebster Blog Award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers, and recognizes the blog author's creative writing and dedication. It also helps to bring blog owners together to exchange ideas and information.
I am really excited to announce that I was nominated byLyndsatt receive the Liebster Blog Award.  I had never heard of this but thru our swapping connection, I have come to love her and her blog.
I am quiet honored and makes me feel great about something I have truly have learned to enjoy doing. Thank you Lyndsay !!

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Baby Boy.....

Today, my "baby boy"....turns, let's see....32 !
What.......can't be - I'm not that old !!

Happy Birthday Corey........