All Balls

All Balls

Leaving the old and beginning the new!!!

WOW - it has been a while since I am updated. I have been off work for 2 weeks, traveled to Maryland along with the holidays and I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on my blog posting.

Let's begin with Christmas Day - not many pics started sleeting and snowing and my family scattered like they had been shot out of cannon. WT???? -
Merry Christmas !
Wheatie and me.......
Me and my brothers 3

For the new year - we traveled to Maryland to visit with Corey and fam. Chad and his kiddos met us there. Fun times, good times, family times. I love having all my grandangels in one spot !!

After a pick up at the airport.....we visited Georgetown....

The Rhino for lunch

And Sprinkles (cupcakes) for dessert......hmmmmmm - mmmmmmmmm

And a little snow fight to top off the day !!

The next day - DA BOYS headed off for the Washington Redskins (it hurts me to type that) and the Dallas Cowboys (it hurts to type this too - damin it) football game.

It was cold - but they braved it - all in the name of FOOTBALL (and beer and food and friends and....)
The Tailgate.....

The crowd

While the boys braved the elements - the girls and the kiddos opted for a warm movie theater.

Monster's Inc. in 3D.....outstanding
(Boo is my favorite character - hmmmm - wonder why???)

And back at the house....cookies, snuggling and silliness

Monday was New Years Eve - Corey and Robyn did an outstanding job putting together a "rockin" good time. Always a theme - this year - come dressed in the era you were born......

The whole GRAND crowd
The FAB 50's
The 50's, 70's and 80's

New Year's Day.....

Bounce House Fun

Wednesday was time to head back home. Always bittersweet....
Great times, loving family, laughter, tears, and lots of memories!!