All Balls

All Balls

Octoberfest in the Hill Country

Once again, our friends Marcy and Greg included us in one of their many annual trips. They always go to Frerdricksburg, Tx for the Octoberfest........with lots of side trips, drinking, eating, shopping, walking, eating, drinking....did I mention eating and drinking??

first stop, Comfort, Texas.........not much here to do but shop and drink.....

the boys settle in for a beer

a side trip to the FAT ASS WINERY

did I mention drinking??

 Voted one of the top hamburgers in Texas. Alamo Springs Cafe...did I mention drinking..

We did actually go to the Octoberfest, but for some reason (drinking, maybe) this was the only picture we got....
did I mention drinking......

wouldn't be a trip down south, unless you stopped in Luckenbach
 Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach....did I mention drinking.....


It's a party even on the balcony of the rooms...did I mention drinking..

YES - she was pole dancing.......

This was a great glad to be a part of it !! Thanks Marcy and Greg for including us !!

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  1. Hey dear I also love to plan trips with my best friends. The most loved part by me on trips is drinking, shopping and eating at famous eating joints. When I went to SF for one month trip, there we had tried food of famous eating joints, and also did dinner party at event space San Francisco. Such memorable moments for me.