All Balls

All Balls
I have seen this on several blogs these past couple of weeks. This week has proved to be a little trying so I decided to look for the good in my life. I know there is way more good than bad, but why does it always seem like bad comes out on the top of the thinking lobe.
Here is my HAPPY LIST:
Spending time with my family
When I hear ‘I love you’
Knowing my kids/grand angels/hubby are happy and healthy
A phone call from the grand angels
Surprises in the mail
A babies laughter
My friends
My dogs
Bringing a smile to someone else
Texas Longhorns, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys
A great bottle of wine, on a patio late in the evening
A good cigar
A spring storm
Warm sunshine
Texas sunsets/sunrises
Getting into that pair of jeans from long ago
New jewelry, new outfit, new shoes, new purse
Finding those Christmas presents that I hid so well
When someone gives me a compliment
A good movie that leaves me with the “WOW” factor
Music to sing along to
Completing a craft project
What’s on your happy list?


  1. What a great way to look at the bright side of things! Love your list. :-)

    1. Thanls sweet lady ! I love it that you read my blog. I have had a hard week and I was trying to look on the positive side !