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All Balls

It's OK....

Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up today - come join the party!!

It's OK.....

*that I have 1 more day and I am off for 2 FREAKIN weeks....can't wait

*that I am annoyed when I answer the phone and the party on the other end wants to speak SPANISH - sorry folks - this is Texas, this is America, the United States - the language is ENGLISH - learn to speak it !!

*that I can't stop thinking about CT and all the happenings going on prayers to them all!!

*that I haven't lost any weight in 2 weeks.....WTH??

*that I have one more physical therapy session..I pay people to watch me exercise...that is just wrong!!

*that I got a new computer at work and lost all my FAVORITES - especially my fav I have to hunt you all down again

*that I am glad is is FINALLY cold today - yesterday a balmy 77 degrees - in DECEMBER - no!!!

*that I bought the cutest jacket at Target yesterday - in the JUNIOR department !! OH YEAH!!

*that I got my new Vera Bradley purse in the mail yesterday - yeah yeah - I know - another purse!! A girl can not have too many!!

What's ok in your world today ???


  1. Oooh which purse did you get???

    1. I got the CLARE crossbody!! Sooooooooooo cute and it was on sale. We are going to visit my son in Maryland for the new year and I wanted something I could carry across body - so much easier than the shoulder !!