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All Balls

Happy Dad's Day

I have three of the most amazing men in my life. My husband - a top notch dad. He still amazes me in his ways. He was the best dad to my two (the other men in my life) boys. He taught them "stuff", he showed them "things", he listened, he disciplined, he got mad, he got happy, he was proud, he was disappointed, he worried (still does), he laughed, he cried,......he was the BESTEST dad in the whole world. Thank you honey, for a job well done!

My boys....the words can not express how so very proud of them I am. They have become such wonderful men, husbands and DADS. They have beautiful wives and those grand angels that have blessed me with- OH MY GOSH - I could eat them with a spoon.

Happy Dad's Day to my three AMAZING, LOVING, men....
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you all!!

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  1. No doubt we wouldn't be where we are today w/out great mentors and a stead-fast leader.

    Thanks Pops for molding us to what we are.

    Happy Father's Day; see you Saturday!