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Today I am linking up with Jessica over at She is so cute and I love her blog. Come join us, don't forget to stop and SMELL THE ROSES. This week, Jessica is asking "What has blogging done for you?"
here goes nuttin, honey...

I have only been blogging about 18mos. I am still fascinated by new blogs that I find everyday. My inspiration for becoming "one of those bloggers" was my youngest son. He has been blogging FOREVERRRRR and I read his blog everyday. He now lives in another state, so his blogs are very important to me. Sometimes it is how I find what they are up to (hint, your mother MORE) He has the "gift of gab" as my mother always said. The boy can write the words and I LOVE IT. Go read his blog and you will see why.

Now, I am not EVEN close to having all the buttons, the sponsors, the
giveaways and so on and so on. I still don't even understand how to do all that. I do most of my bloggin' at work (shhhh) so I am limited as to what my computer will do before I get one of those messages "NOT ALLOWED". Basically my blog is for my thoughts. It's what I have done, what I am gonna do, what I would like to do. It include things about my husband (I just love him) my two boys/their families (a mommas pride and joy) and of course, who could not include her 4 fabulous GRAND ANGELS...(grand kids).

I think blogging is a great way to gain knowledge and know how. I have learned about so many things, explored new places, found how alot of "how-to's", gotten some great party/gift ideas. I have meet some very interesting people along the way, people I may never meet face to face, but feel like they are my BFF's.

I guess you could say blogging is therapeutic for me. Sometimes when I start to blog about something, I realize I may be inserting my foot to my mouth and I stop.

I love when people stop by and leave me a message, I love when I get a new fellow blogger to "follow" me. Makes me feel special.

Blogging is a good thing.....

So, join with us and tell us "What has blogging done for you?"

Happy Monday !!


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    1. Thanks sweet lady - I read you everyday! How are you feeling? Better I hope. Had the gallbladder thing myself, trust me - in the long run you will be a better woman!

  2. Love this!
    That's so awesome that you read your son's blog to keep up with me...although he should call more ;) haha!

    I'm so glad that blogging has been such a positive experience for you so far, and I hope that it continues to be!

    Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks J - you have an amazing blog and I can't read everyday!