All Balls

All Balls
Turkey Day

I was very thankful this year that I got to have two of my grandangels with me for Thanksgiving. They arrived Weds night and stayed until Sunday - WOOHOO !!!

Thanksgiving Day was spent at Hunter Bill's house. It's all good - because he does the big bird and I just have to bring some sides. My kind of cooking. I am always required, requested, begged, told too make my sausage balls. This is a simple,simple thing to do - and I could tell you that the recipe has been handed down for YEARS...but it would be a lie....they are just like everyone elses sausage balls. The best part is when I have a helper.....

Pictures speak a thousand words

Pops - front and center

Dwayne - not sure if he is giving me a signal or saying  hello or talking with his mouth full or....

Hunter Bill and Carebear.......paying attention....what?!?!

Turkey day wouldn't be complete without a good game of HORSE
Miss Jaycee - the winner  (they were hustled)

Of course no Turkey Day would be complete without a little football.....


  1. sausage balls?! that sounds delicious!

  2. Sausage balls?! Do tell!

    It sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! :-)