All Balls

All Balls

I had such a great weekend...and I only have to "work" (at my job) today and then I am off the rest of the week.... WOOHOOO   !!!

Friday night we had a "date night" with one of my brother's - Bill and his wife Diane. We haven't been on a date night with another couple - in well, I can't even remember.

We decided on dinner at a local - been there forever place - called Fred's Cafe. This place has been in this spot forever...the city of concrete is quickly engulfing it - but I suppose FRED is determined to stand his ground. He has made some major improvements, but it is still a local "dive".

The range of food choices include hamburgers, mexican, seafood, to down home chili.
I opted for the street tacos, Wheatie chose the stacked enchilidas and Diane tried - for the first time "frog legs".....ewwwwwwwwwww !!

We decided after dinner - which was still early (even for us "old people") we would hop on over the
Dirty Crow for a drink.....interesting place.
We didn't stay long........
Then we thought we would try the "Martini Lounge"...
 we were all new to martini's and let the bartender "pick" for us
OMGosh - a mistake.
He made us some kind of martini that tasted like pure pickle juice. BARRRRRFFFFFFFF
We were pretty much done after this - besides it was like oh - 10:00pm
...bedtime for me!
Thanks to Bill and Diane for sharing some great laughs and good times!
Love you guys!!

Saturday- I spent the entire day watching the Life Time Channel which is showing Christmas movies.
Sunday - I cleaned the house and then watched football.
We bought a four wheeler from a friend of mine and he delivered it Sunday afternoon.

Wheatie thinks he need this for his lease and well,
of course the grand angels when they come to visit....uh,huh, sure !!!

We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel,
 ran errands,
picked up a few Christmas presents
 and then headed home.
A great weekend

How was your weekend ??


  1. Pickle juice martini?! Ew! Fred's looks like a ton of fun though!

  2. Found you through TWI! I'm excited to connect with another Texas blogger! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend!! I love dive bars and restaurants. They are the best!

    Visiting from This Weekend I.