All Balls

All Balls

WELCOME FRIENDS, and thanks for stopping by!  I'm so glad your here,...just in time for this week's It's OK Thursdays link-up, with Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup.

 Its Ok Thursdays
It’s O.K.
That I am in a really bad mood today – and I have no idea why
That I have a “girl’s night out planned” and wish I didn’t have to go
That I didn’t get any exercise in before work
 – perhaps the reason for my bad mood ?
That it doesn’t look like my scale is cooperating with me this week – no loss
(oh yeah - must be I am "building muscle' ?!?!?!)
That I can’t stop looking for boots – love them
That I can’t stop buying Vera Bradley – at least “most” of it was on sale…..
That I am looking forward to this weekend… special plans – it’s just the weekend
That I love getting in my bed at night with the electric blanket already on
That I hate getting out of my bed in the morning where the electric blanket has been on
That today isn’t Friday – already !!
How’s your Thursday?

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  1. Ugh....I also hate waking up on cold mornings when my bed is so toasty. Maybe that's why you woke up feeling bad....because I know getting out of bed makes me sad some days, lol. Hope your day got better. :-)