All Balls

All Balls

One thing I wanted to be sure and do while the grandangels were here was to visit the Gaylord Texas Hotel where they have an winter wonderland of ice. Each year the theme is different and always geared toward the kids (they know how to market) The theme this year - Merry Madagascar - AMAZING. I don't think the kids really appreciate the time and effort that goes into sculpting these massive works of art...but none the less....AMAZING

The lobby offers plenty of places for pictures

Move it, Move it, Move it.....

Alex, Gloria and the gang

AN ICE SLIDE...this was too fun!!!

 Pictures with dad...always a plus.......

After we nearly froze our buns off (it's 9 degrees in there) we headed to a warm and cozy pizza place in downtown Grapevine....

.....A full day of fun, fun, fun !!!

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