All Balls

All Balls

High 5 (finally) Friday....

A busy week, but not really anything worth blogging about. I did receive my first BIRCHBOX this week and was very excited to be part of that group. I was a little disappointed in their selection of items, but I will give it time. Check it out...
I learned about the BB from one of my daily reads at

1. One of the least favorite and probably never use (unless I use for a Halloween costume) is DESIGNER EYELINER. These are stick on eyeliners in various shapes and forms. I'm a simple girl - I will stick with just the straight line ( boring - I know)
2. The next least favorite item was SHOWSTOPPERS. These are to help hide, conceal, whatever "something" from showing (boobies) I don't wear anything that I would need to have STOPPED, so I don't look to use these at any time.

3.Travel Puff, make-up removal...this will go great in my stand-by travel stuff. Ready to travel.....
4. VIVA LA JUICE parfume. Again, I am a simple girl. I LOVE Estee Lauder Pleasures (the original formula) and don't plan on anything more "juicy"...
5. The best for last. A tiny little JOUER pink lipstick. Now this - I like. It will be a great color for spring and I might even have to order a full size.


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  1. Ewww! I like this. I have never heard if this before. I will take the crap you don't like. :)