All Balls

All Balls
One born every minute.....A Cartoon of a Silly Girl with a Lollipop Walking Her Dog - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

They say (and who is "they" anyway - another blog) is born every minute - A SUCKER - well, you are looking at one. I am such a wimp when it comes to influence. I see it on TV, I want one, I hear on the radio, I want one, I read on a blog, I want one.....SUCCCKKKERRRR !

My boys knew from an early age - mom is easy. I pretty much gave in to anything they wanted (Don't deny it boys, you know it was true)  I really like to think of myself as more of a people pleaser in that regards- that sounds so much better.

The other day I am watching TV - and one of those infamous commercials come on - the one that advertises the THE HIP-T
hip-T know that extra piece of material that covers your crack when you bend over, or reach way up high for something. I had to have I searched the internet and found the website "HIP-T' (careful what you put in that search engine).....yep I ordered a package. But, wait....I couldn't wait 2-7 days for them to arrive - OH NO - let's go to Wal-mart and look in the "as seen on TV section". This is definately for those people that can't wait. WAAAAAALAAAAA - there they were.
Only they are called TRENDY TOPS. Package of two, basic black and white $10. WHAT A DEAL (the HIP-T is $19.95 for two, but you can get them a print, gray and other variables)

So now I am the proud owner of a black one and white one. I have a gray one, and printed one on the way, in the mail, as I write. I am so excited.

I actually have the white one on today. So far, I would say I am pleased. I don't think I have showed my crack one time. (Of course, I haven't been out of this chair except to go get a drink...didn't have to bend over or reach high)
But I am looking good...and I feel pleased about my purchase(s)


  1. I did the same I bought mine at CVS. pretty neat.

    I LOVE your new pic - these family photos you have are just so awesome!

  2. If I buy them will I be as shapely as that sweet young thing?

    Congrats on a purchase that makes you happy!