All Balls

All Balls
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The task this past week was to watch your favorite all time movie. Wellllllllllll, anyone that knows me, even for a little while knows that, GOD and my FAMILY are the most important things in my life, PURPLE is my favorite color of all and that PRETTYWOMAN is my favorite movie. You can ask anyone, I can quote the movie word for word. I use lines from the movie all the time. I know I have watched it 100+ times....and I still watch it like it is the first time. Basically, a Cinderella story and who doesn't love a good Cinderalla story?? ANDDDDDDDDDDDD who wouldn't love Richard Gere coming to rescue you - A man in a suit stands back to back with a woman wearing in a short skirt and thigh high boots.

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This week's task:
Visit somewhere that you've never been before.

Whether it's a new restaurant, a new park, a new bookstore or even a new friend's house...go somewhere that you've never been before, shake it up a little bit :) To make it even more fun, visit somewhere that you've never been before with someone else who's never been there either!

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1. GOOD: I finally got to spend a weekend at home. Got to catch up on some crafts, make plans for my two oldest grand angels visit next week, a little shopping, some cooking, cleaned house and do laundry. Friday night hubby and I went out to dinner then spent the evening in the pool looking at the stars. Plus face time with two of my grand angels, Jaxson and Annabelle last night.

2. BAD: My puppy girls sleep in the house at night, on their beds, in our bedroom. For the last several weeks they have started doing this thing where, for no apparent reason, they decide to BARK in the middle of the night - causing myself and hubby to literally jump out of the bed. Makes for a very short night.

3. UGLY: I lost a wallet with about 80% of my credit cards in it sometime FRIDAY.  I have been going nuts since I discovered it. Back stepping all my steps since Friday. Making phone calls, cancelling cards....GEEEZZZZ - it sucks!!


  1. Sounds like your weekend at home was great - it's always nice to just be able to be at home! :)

  2. I loveeee that movie :)
    Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses ever!
    She's incredible!

    And I'm sorry about you puppies barking in the middle of the night...that's no fun at all!

    Thanks for linking up,'re appreciated!

  3. Pretty Woman is one of my all time faves too! Who can argue with Julia Roberts? She's brilliant! So sorry about your wallet- nothing drives me more crazy than losing track of mine- it's the worst! Just found your blog and have really enjoyed getting to know you better! I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I have already been over to your blog - it is GREAT ! Added you to my rock, girl