All Balls

All Balls
Its Ok Thursdays

No, really It's O.K....

...I am missing my kids and grand angels

...I tried to pass on getting my usual 44oz Sonic Coke Zero this morning - but didn't

...I was an hour late for work Monday (icy roads) and
my boss had the nerve to call me out!?!?!

...I will stay home next time, the entire day

...I am really loving the show Chicago Fire on Wednesday nights

...I am not interested in The Bachelor, American Idol, The X Factor..etc, etc, etc

...I seem to have a short fuse this week...don't push me

...I am sick and tired of hearing about Lance Armstrong - why is anyone even shocked?

...I have started cleaning out my files/file drawers at work in of anticipation of surgery
(4 months away)

...I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend

How is your Thursday ??

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