All Balls

All Balls

High Five For Friday


Yup, it's here again...FRIDAY! Good Friday - and what a glorious week it has been. Spring is in the air - everywhere.
(Some of my neighbors suffered some devastating weather this week with tornado's and my prayers go out to all. If you could take a moment and send a pray this way to my fellow Texans...)

On a brighter note, it is Easter weekend. A time of new and renewal. I love Easter and the promise of things to come. AMEN....

As you all know, I love crafting and with spring and Easter this month - this are just a few things I put together...................

1. Front porch  

2. Front door

3. Dining table

4. One of my NEW things is a new car. I got it this week and I love it.
It is so PURDEEEEE !!

5. I know I have mentioned the bluebonnets before, but they have absolutely taken over the hills and fields and they are breath taking. Each day on my drive to and from work I can only marvel at their beauty.
Thank you God for such wonderful beauty !!

Happy Friday and Happy Easter !!

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