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All Balls

A new home...

For sometime now, hubby and I have been looking for a new "church" home. The church we "belong" too and have for the last 25 +years is just not meeting our needs. This church has grown and the "country" feeling we once had is gone. Gone to the city folk and we don't like it. We don't feel welcome there and don't feel like we belong. With Easter this past Sunday, we decided to visit a new church.

The Parker County Cowboy Church.
What a welcome we got. We attended their sunrise service, which was on the lawn of the church. The weather was perfect, the folks were friendly, the preacher preached an excellent sermon. We had live gospel music and beautiful voices filled the air. The birds were singing and the cows were a mooooooooooing!

I think we have found our new church home. I miss church. I miss the people of the church. I miss hearing the word of God.

I am excited to go back this next Sunday and to get involved. Thank you Lord for bringing us to your house!

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