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All Balls

High Five For Friday...

PhotobucketLink up and join the fun!! matter what I do, this day always rolls around. Fridays are good...but I still think SUNDAY ranks as my number one favorite day of the week.

On to my H5FF

1. Today is Friday, the 13th!! What better day than to sponsor a blood drive. For the past several years I have taken on the task of getting the mobile blood bus here so that my fellow employees can donate blood. This is a great thing to do.
 Did you know (1) one donation saves (3) lives?
What a great return...donate today!!

2.  As you know if you read my blog, I have been involved in a few "swappings".
My first was with my daughter in law,
This one is fun......FLIP FLOPS..who doesn't love flip-flops....

This are the flip flops I sent to my swapping girl, Jeannette.
They were so darn cute, bought me a pair too!!
This are flip-flops I got from my swapping girl, Viri
Cute, huh?? These are gonna be great this summer!

3. CHARMIN CHARLIE, love this place. It has so much stuff. If you have one in your area, go, go now - run as fast as you can...YOU WILL LOVE IT.....
(My ankles are really not so FAT..OMG...had to be angle - YIKES)
Texas Ranger Red (with toes to match)

4. Speaking of TEXAS RANGERS - finally got to my first game of the season..
love me some baseball
and DAVID MURPHY is my hero

5. Last, Coffee....
Not a big coffee drinker, but when I drink, I drink GOOD.
 Love my Keurig coffee maker
 and found this flavor couple weeks ago and I love it!
(had to borrow the pic

Happy Friday......

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  1. Hello. :) I wanted to let you know I bought you a mug today for the mug swap and will be getting it into the mail to you this week!