All Balls

All Balls

Sports, I love SPORTS..

Most females don't like sports, don't know anything about sports, don't watch, don't listen and wouldn't know ESPN if it hit them in the face. ME, on the other hand, LOVE IT, LOVE IT I say. I had two amazing boys that grew up a small town, where sports is a way of life. I never missed an event they participated in.....if at all possible. I enjoyed watching them and enjoyed being there. Today, I haven't changed.
I made it a must do and went downtown Fort Worth this past weekend to take in all the ESPN set-ups. Amazing.

Monday, my husband and I drove to Arlington just to say "we were there." I won't be attending the superbowl, but I will be watching it on TV and loving it. Most of the females in my family think I am weird - I am sure of it - but be it as it may..I love sports!! Ok.Ok...I love to shop too....but DUH - I am female!!

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