All Balls

All Balls
PuT mE iN CoACh !!

It’s that time of year again – BASEBALL – I LOVE BASEBALL (actually you know I love ALL sports) – but I really, really love baseball. I love the Texas Rangers and today is their home opener.
We lost a few good players….some of those players that are no longer privileged to call TEXAS their home, have made remarks about how the metroplex area is not a BASEBALL team, wait…what???  (no names please, JOSH HAMILTON)
A 15yoa avid fan and his brother started a facebook, twitter, t-shirt  campaign, as soon as JH made his statement. He calls it
“Silence 4 Josh.” 
 JH made the statement that when his current teams comes to OUR HOUSE today - REAL baseball fans will cheer him, while most of the Ranger fans will “boo” him, because WE ARE NOT REAL BASEBALL FANS. Excuse me, sir….baseball has been in the metroplex area since 1972……
I won’t be at the game on Friday – when the LA Angels and JH come to play in our yard.  I will definitely be there in spirit, tho!!  I will be watching and listening via the internet. I support the campaign of SILENCE….let’s hope it works.
Some say it is bad sportsmanship…..I don’t think so. We are defending our team, our fans, OUR HOUSE.
“Don’t Mess with Texas”.
Here we go Rangers, Here we go!!!

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  1. Wow.. that guy sounds like an idiot... Silence for him would be hilarious... hope it works out! Real baseball fans WOULD cheer... for a REAL player!