All Balls

All Balls
CATCH - UP....

Well, the LA Angels came and went. The 'Silence4Josh" didn't work out. But, during a post game interview, JH said it was the "loudest" boos he had ever heard at the Ballpark.
Mission accomplished.....

My "I Love You"...beans. Too cool. This took about a week, and oddly enough, I was like a little kid waiting for the thing to sprout. Great gift for a Boo - thanks to Jaxson and AB.


This past weekend, Wheatie and I worked our little tails off. He has a "honey-do" list - always has - probably always will. But we made quiet a dent in it. We had to buy a new mower - and a new part, for old riding mower. Wheatie got the new part on the old mower and the new mower put together. I mowed...and mowed...and mowed."  I really don't mind it, actually kind of enjoy it. I consider it "quiet" time....I can do lots of uninterrupted thinking. And awwwwww the smell of fresh cut weeds....does a body good!!

Wheatie is such a good man. With my upcoming back surgery - HE (we) decided it would be really nice for me to have a taller mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....toilet. So this past weekend, we (HE) installed a new one in our bathroom. Now, I know what you are thinking, my feet dangle ....NO!! It's not that tall....but believe me it makes a HUGH difference and know it will be helpful following surgery. Thanks hun !!!
I have 3 of the most amazing furbabies. Sam (Samantha) Solo and Cappy. They are wonderful, have nothing but unconditonal LOVE...........but they drive us crazy wanting in and out the door. They are like kids, you get one in - the other wants out - get one out - the other wants in. It is like a revolving door. Sooooooooooooo - this weekend we (HE) installed a "doggie door". Too freakin' cool.  A little hesitant at first - especially Sam - since she is the biggest. But with a little coaxing with treats - they had it down. What a great invention.

Sam, and Cappy waiting her turn

Miss Solo
(sorry for the eyes - had to be quick to get a picture)
Netflix.......again - preparing for a 3 month stay at home - we re-signed up for Netflix. One of the ways to watch is to stream thru your TV with a Wii. A couple months ago, the Wii I had, I moved to the playroom for the kids. So - looking around on  the internet - I found a brand new Wii on Amazon for $100. So - I ordered it - it came in and Wheatie got it all hooked up in the living room for us (ME). What a bargain - movie time - here I come!!

We also went to church and my friend Louise and her boyfriend Peter joined us. Lunch at RandK Cafe afterwards!

Busy weekend - but feels so good to get so much, let's see what is next??


  1. Sounds like you are getting pretty much ready for surgery... Is there a min-fridge in your bedroom? That might make it perfect!

  2. Wow, back surgery? You're smart to relate ahead of time and the higher toilet is such a good idea. Btw, your fur babies are making me miss my Zoi back on Croatia.