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All Balls

Wailing Wall

Couple weeks ago - a co worker of mine was headed to Jerusalem for vacation. She ask several of us if we would like for her to put a prayer on the Wailing Wall.

When I sat down to write my prayer out (on a very tiny piece of paper) I thought long and hard about what I wanted to put down in writing. Not sure if it is like telling what you wished for - so I won't go into detail.

First and foremost on the list were my kiddos and grandangels. I always want the very best for them and I know God can provide that. I listed my husband, my siblings, my in-laws, outlaws. friends and enemies. I included world peace and an end to all the fighting. There were so many things and such an opportunity I did not want to pass up. I was amazed how much I got on that post-it-note !!

She sent me this picture after she placed the prayers on the wall....must say it took my breath away !!

(not the best picture)

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