All Balls

All Balls

This weekend - I worked my A$$ off.....Geeezzz louise.....
first I thought this working in the yard thing was over - should have been in August. We have been blessed with much needed rain the past several weeks, which means my yard still needs mowing and weed-eating. Wheatie had to work all weekend, so I took on the duty of yard work......then I cleaned out the camper - and it is show room ready clean !!

This weekend I bought another Vera Bradley item....I don't know what has gotten into me...but I suddenly am in love with everything and anything Vera Bradley. We were in Maryland last week and I was forced to shop at the Vera Bradley Outlet store.....and found a small duffell bag, perfect for travel in the Plum Petal Design. Apparently this is last years color - but I love it!  It is my birthday month - so in addition to the already discount outlet price - I got an extra $ 20.....WOOHOO..... then this past weekend I went shopping at Stein Mart and found this purse in the same design. I absoutely love the has everything this girl could want!! They were so kind to send me a discount for being a new I must go shopping !

This weekend, I watched my LONGHORNS go down hard.....sorry guys - but you sucked  BIG TIME......maybe, just maybe - it is time for a new coach....Also, the Dallas Cowboys came up a little short...tough sports weekend in Texas.

This weekend, I made turkey meatloaf muffins. I am attempting to eat healthier and better and by putting the meat mixture and cooking in a muffin tin - I can control the portion size and they are super dooper easy to freeze.
 3 lbs. ground turkey, 2 envelopes onion soup mix, a large can of mixed vegetables, salt/pepper. Mix really good, and fill tins up to top. Made a hole in the center of each muffin and filled with ketchup! So simply, so good for you !! (this is not a pic of my loafs, I forgot to take pics)

This weekend, I got to watch (not recorded) REVENGE....I love that show...and am so glad it is back.
Revenge titlecard.png

Here is hoping your weekend was filled with family, friends and love !!


  1. I love the idea of muffin sized meatloaf! Such a great idea for this single girl. :-)

  2. That game just made me cringe. I was shaking my head the entire time.