All Balls

All Balls

Not much of a week - boring, same ole same.


work - I am growing so tired of it. I could have retired this past August - and I think in the back of my head I keep asking myself "Why, are you still here?" - haven't found an answer yet.

I don't get a 3-day weekend. Why is it we get a holiday for MLK but not President's Day? Aren't the Presidents - past and future - just as important as MLK?? Don't get it......

I ate way off my normal eating yesterday and today feel like CRAP!!


Last weekend with my Wheatie was wonderful! I love that man...

Today is Friday - and I have NOTHING that I have to do tonight - and so I am going to do NUTTIN, honey.

Haircut tomorrow - much needed and it always makes me feel "so pretty"

I get to sleep past 5AM tomorrow - (watch I will probably wake up anyway!)

How was your week??

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