All Balls

All Balls
Photobucket Yep - it has rolled around again...YAY !

Got my Lisa Leonard Designs turqouise stone necklace !!
It is BEEEEEEE U TEEEEE FUL and I was so excited to wear it to work. I got so many compliments…it will go with everything from that little black dress to jeans and a white tee. If you haven’t checked out her blog or it today !!

Found these adorable little flats at Target.

Decided to try the GEL nails....pretty cool !

On my dieting – no wait – making better choices lifestyle. I am down 22lbs and FINALLY someone mentioned it. I have been waiting for someone besides my husband to say something (don’t really think he “notices” – just knows it is the thing to do!) Funny, first they both asked, "You cut your hair?" UH, 6 weeks ago. "Hmmm, something different about you." You losing weight?" DUHHHHHHHHHHH -hello........
That little bit of encouragement goes a loooooong way to staying on track. Thank you Paula and Phil  !!!!!

 I booked flights for Maryland for myself, hubby, Chad and fam. Will be visiting Corey and fam and bringing in the new year ALL TOGETHER. That means I will be with all my kids and grand angels.
This is one excited BOO !

Happy Friday Ya’ll


  1. Beautiful necklace!! And congrats on the weight loss. 22 pounds is a huge loss and something you should be proud of!

  2. Guess this means we gotta throw a party on New Year's Eve...let the planning/games begin.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my place and following. When I saw the header of all that wonderful Longhorns stuff I had to follow right away!! Go Horns and Hawkeyes!!! That's our split family logo and what happens when your roots are in Iowa and your heart is in Texas :)

  4. I love those shoes! You're such a bad I need to go to Target tomorrow to see if I can find a pair! :-)

  5. I have seen those flats at Target and think they are super cute!