All Balls

All Balls

My First Little Princess...

I come from a family of four children. I have three sisters. My mom and dad were both only children, so I have no first cousins. For the most part, all my best friends in school and life have been males. I married my best friend. I was blessed with two of the most lovable, generous, kind, strong, intelligent sons. I have great sister-n-laws, and two of the BESTEST daughter-n-laws a mom could ask for. But the most precious of all things that God has blessed me with is my first grand daughter - Jaycee.

She is my little princess.

On Monday - Feb. 28, 2011....Princess Jaycee turns 8 years old. Happy Birthday my sweet little princess....

You surely are the apple of your Boo's eye.
You are beautiful, smart, funny, lovable and have all the qualities of a true princess !!

I LOVE YOU......

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  1. Wow Sylvia. You truly are blessed. Chad found me on Facebook and talked about your blog. Thought I'd drop in. And say hello. Don't know if you remeber that immature college tgat I was when I worked with the youth in Aledo.