All Balls

All Balls

Let it ride...

This past weekend hubby and I set out on a road trip and traveled 4 hours to Louisana. We docked at one of the local casinos.  We had good intentions of hitting the LA boardwalk, eating some good seafood, relaxing in the room, gambling
....R and R if you will!

We started out on the penny slots. You think, PENNIES, geeeeez - this is cheap entertainment. But if you are not careful, those pennies quickly turn into dollars and before you know, you are betting $1, $2, $3 dollars at a time. All these lines jump up on the screen and you LOSE !!! Great way to get rid of your money, quickly!!

Then we decided we would hit the LET IT RIDE table...we never looked back. In fact, we should have looked back. We had had breakfast at 9:00am that morning (Ol'South Pancakes with the g babies and number 2 son) By the time we sat down at the casino table, it was 4:00pm  Mistake, HUGE mistake!! We never went to eat lunch or dinner, hit the boardwalk, get seafood or any food for that matter and our nourishment consisted of CROWN (royal) and COKE.
But the good times were plentiful!!

The dealers were great, and we had a great table of new friends
(Thanks Brent from Covington,Texas.) 

We did (well, really GARY did) get almost all our monies back. We were exhausted by the time we hit our driveway Sunday afternoon. So much for a relaxing weekend away from home.

We will be returning in a couple of weeks with a group of co-workers, friends and family for an annual day trip!! Wooooooooooooo - let it ride!!

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