All Balls

All Balls

Can you believe it.....

Today, I think, most "young" people don't know the true meaning of love and marriage. I think divorce is too easy and when people in marriage don't like something, aren't happy, it isn't going their way, their toes get stepped on...they opt out and think the grass will be greener on the other side. Trust me, it isn''s just as muddy over there as it it over here...
Not only in marriage, but life in general. Who said life was going to be a bowl of cherries anyway?? Life is tough, you have challenges, you don't always get your way and in the famous words of my sweet mom....

You can get happy in the same pair of pants you got mad in !!

Today is my wedding anniversary.....37 AMAZING years!! I was very young, 19 and my husband was 21.

We have been through tough times, good times, great times, hard times, easy times. WE have two of the greatest son's in the whole wide world ! We have been blessed with two great daughter-in-laws and
the pride and joy of our lifes....4 GRANDkids!!
When you make a committment of marrige, know that it should be for life. Just because something doesn't go your way today or tomorrow, or you decide "this is not what you want"...don't give up. Work through it....make it count. If you have doubts, don't get married. Think about is a life changing, life altering committment and should not be taken for granted.
I love my life, I love my husband and I love being married!
Happy Anniversary my love....

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