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All Balls

Happy Birthday Cody-man !!

Gallimimus Cartoon Dinosaur Public Domain
Today is my oldest grandson Cody's birthday, or better known to most as CODY-MAN. He turns the BIG 6 ! Anyone that knows Cody, knows Cody is his own little man. He came into this world fighting a battle and tough it made him "tough" he can be the sweetest of sweets – at a moments notice.  Cody LOVES dinosaurs and can tell you just about anything you would like to know. At last count, he had 95 !!Brontosaurus Cartoon Dinosaur Public Domain
I have always told my son’s that some day all those things that they did, things they tested me with, things they THOUGHT they got away with – would come back to haunt them.
Stegosaurus Cartoon Dinosaur Public Domain
….Cody is definitely his father’s son!

Happy Birthday Cody !!
Stegosaurus Cartoon Dinosaur - Public Domain

Ankylosaurus Cartoon Dinosaur - Public DomainBoo and Pops love you very much

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