All Balls

All Balls


I have been blessed 4 times with the BESTEST grandkiddos a grandmother could ask for. I have 2 girls and 2 boys and they are the light of my life. Being a mother was great, but being a grandmother tops it a million times over. My g-babies are cute, sweet, loving, cute, smart, funny, creative, cute, mine, grand, imaginative, daring, cute, clever, wonderful, adorable or and did I mention CUTE!!!
My youngest son and family recently moved to Maryland (I know, it is a long way - but we teach our kids to be independent of us,......doesn't really mean to move far away, but I am happy if they are happy...) My youngest grandson - Jaxson - sent me a letter this week. It is hotter that H### here in Texas, work is work and life is life...but that letter made my day and I wanted to share it along with a great poem I found.

The first person (in purple) is me. Everyone knows purple is my color, even my g-babies. The second one is his little sister - Annabelle - then himself, next comes Cody and Jaycee (cousins and my oldest grandaughter/grandson). Jaxson comes from a long line of artist, his dad, his uncle and of course, his grandmother...he is very good! Thanks buddy for making my day - Boo loves you!


© Earline Brasher
Sometimes I really do wonder,
Why they are called grand?
Then I know A Loving Grandmother,
Can always fully understand.
You get that important phone call,
You have waited for so long,
Excitement really kicks in,
As you arrive and rush down the hall.
You see that precious baby,
Gender really doesn't matter at all,
It brings back many memories,
Of when your children were so small.
You congratulate the parents,
As you see mother and baby are o.k.,
You know without a doubt,
This was done in own God's way.
Many sacrifices made along the way,
Are very much worthwhile,
When you see that sweet little face,
And that bright cheery smile.
Time rocks on as they grow and grow,
Then comes their future, rushing too and fro,
They will always be our babies,
If anyone should ask,
They are all very Special,
From the first one to the last!!!!



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