All Balls

All Balls

Life is so precious....

Recently, a dear high school and still long time friend of ours underwent a lung transplant. She has been ill for the last 18-24 months. She had been called several times in the past, but there was always a reason she didn't get the transplant. This time she did. She is a wonderful, loving person and is so deserving.

On the other hand, a life was lost. But because of the kindness and the knowledge of how important organ donations are, my friend is recovering at a remarkable pace. Our hearts and love go to the family of the donor. They should know what has taken place is a great and wonderful thing. We thank you.

I am a organ donor. My husband is an organ donor and hopefully my family and friends are - or will - become organ donors.

If you have questions, or not sure if that is something you want to is a link. You need to sign up through this link (or a similar one for your area/state). I understand that the designation on the back of a driver's liscense does not guarantee that your wishes will be granted.

It is important and you can save many lives......

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