All Balls

All Balls

TaiLgAtInG 101......

As alumni of the University of Texas at Austin (well, at least Gary is, altho I did earn a P.H.T. (PUSHY HUBBY THROUGH) we continue to show love for OUR LONGHORNS. On average we try to make at least one football game and tailgate every year. We have a great group of alumni's that have opened up their tailgate to us and made us feel very welcome.
This past weekend, we made Austin and the Texas Tech vs UT game. It was beautiful weather and an amazing crowd.
Chad, Jenn, Cody and Jaycee joined us for the fun !

The "boys" went to game and the girls + Cody went to explore more of Austin.
What a grand city - I can't wait to get back down there on a permanent basis
(retirement is just around the corner)
We went to the Children's Museum,
made the movie - PUSS IN BOOTS (3D-awesome!)
Had some great burgers at BIG DADDY'S and finished up the night watching more football !

We never go to Austin without getting our cupcake fix. This time we made the Burnet location....
If you have never had a HEY CUPCAKE, you are missing out...they are to die for!
Jaycee and Cody visited the airstream in the back.....
What a great weekend, family, fun, football and the GREAT UT LONGHORNS !!
Hook 'em !!

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