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High Five Friday

In looking and searching this week - the many blogs I am now addicted too - I discovered one that I can't stop reading, - this girl has got it going on. I have already discovered new ways to do my do. Her sister has a blog, she rocks it too. Then to top it off, they have a Etsy website (and if you don't know what that is, you are way behind times) Their Etsy website is Elisabeth Ashlie Jewerly. Another of my addiction. (maybe I should check into a 12-step program) From these blogs, I have expanded waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond the galaxy. I have discovered
HIGH FIVE's where - on Friday- (duh) you list the HIGH FIVE things for the week. Of course, I have way more than five, but these are things I have been working on and completed or that brought a smile to my face.

My first  edition of HIGH FIVE FRIDAY:

The newly discoverd blogs are my first/second HIGH FIVE...thank you girls.

I was visited by very own Elf on the Shelf. If you aren't familiar with the book, run out right now and get it. Especially if you have kids. Of course my KIDS are grown and gone...but I am sure that my elf came along to be with Boo and Pops and help them with the Christmas season.

My fourth HIGH FIVE is my other vice "PINTEREST" A must know about for anyone. I love crafts and especially love doing crafts for others. My g-babies are first in line. This I found for my girls, Jaycee and Annabelle. I mailed them today- can't wait to see how they like them.

And then number five HIGH FIVE - something new for the Christmas season. I will be putting this on my front porch this year. Simple - yet festive!!

You too can have your HIGH FIVE FRIDAY'S !!

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