All Balls

All Balls

High Five Friday

It's that time again....
1. First of all....A big thank you to God...we were blessed with much needed rain this week, according to our rain guage, 7, the sun is shining and in the low the mid 60's....what a beautiful day in the neighborhood
2. Several months ago we had a water leak from our dishwasher that leaked under our floors....needless to say, the floor has to be replaced and while we are in the process of tearing the floor up I decided to remodel and replace (my husband just loves it when I come up with this great things for him to do on his days off!!)
.....this is the beginning...wish me - well my husband - good luck..he works so hard and does such an amazing love love him!!!

3. I love bracelets and love silver...this I found at ABC distributing, they stretch and are so comfortable.  I wear them ALOT....

4. To help me stay motivated to walk daily...these are so comfy from OLD NAVY.

5.  Travel plans for trips to see my sons', daughter in laws and those precious g-babies have been made and finalized. Can't wait. San Antonio in February and Maryland in March....

Have a Great Weekend !!

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  1. love the texas pride :) all my cousins are from texas so we spend a lot of time there and that family pic is just adorable :)
    just found your blog from hollies link up and i think its adorable :) I'm your newest follower and i would love for you to follow me back :)