All Balls

All Balls

hIgH FivE fOr FRIDAY !

Yeah, what a very loooooooooooong week....thank you FRIDAY !


1. First and foremost I want to thank GOD for the recovery of my niece. I blogged a couple of weeks back that she had been involved in a ATV accident. When I first saw her, I had no idea how she survived or how she would ever recover. Believe it or not, she went home last week. She still has a very long road ahead, but it truly is a miracle. Thanks to all my family and friends that know the power of prayer.

2. My husband works a very different schedule , nights and weekends  and its late before he gets home. This past weekend we had a much needed "date night".
We both were born and raised in this great city but have never eaten at one of the most famous places.....
Cattleman's Steak House.  Yummy !

3. In the second of my 3 blog swappings, I recieved my mug from my swapping partner, Lyndsay. She included the sweetest note and addressed it to "Boo"....thanks Lyndsay, LOVE IT !!

4. I love "retro" and found the best site and blog.
I ordered the cutest dress for an upcoming wedding4abecc646a103211ba62cc93edf8380a
and a bathing suit for the summer activitiesEc4d109afb946e8005803361154acafd 
They have way more than clothing
everything you can imagine that is retro.
This site could be cute!!

5. On my not "DIET"......- 8 lbs......


  1. I LOVE the dress! Swimsuit is cute, too!! Happy Friday!

  2. Yay! Very cute I love your mug..I got mine in last week too :) Hope you have a great weekend! I love your TX header...I live in Fort Worth :)

  3. I'm so glad you like your mug! :)

    And thank the lord your niece is OK, he truly answers prayer!

  4. P.S. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :) Check out my post about it!