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High Five For Friday....

Yeah - it's fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy....

Today my high five is only is my 38th wedding anniversary!
I have been married to the most amazing man EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
He is a christian man, he is sweet, kind, thoughtful, smart, funny, loves life, loves his family, is gentle, comforting, understanding, likes to party, can talk to ANYONE, anywhere about anything and
he is MINE!
We have had an amazing life. We have been blessed in so many ways.
Our two boys are our pride and joy, they married amazing ladies and brought us the most beautiful grand kids. We have our health, we have a beautiful home, we have trusting and true friends, we have our jobs
and each and every day I thank GOD for him!

Happy Anniversary to my husband and BFF !!!


  1. Aww Happy Anniversary! What a cute couple you were then and even more so today!~

    I love you blog, too!!

  2. Look at the style man; bring back the handlebar stache and the mullet - business in the front, party in the back!

    Love you guys; you're both role models and something special.

    Enjoy your anniversary together and look forward to many more.


    1. Thanks have done us proud!

  3. So sweet and romantic! Neither of you look old enough to even be married that long! I LOVE the pictures, especially the second one. Beautiful!

  4. Happy Anniversary! That's a lot of years! :)