All Balls

All Balls


For a 4 day work week – I thought FRIDAY would never get here!!

1.     Four day work week – duh – who doesn’t love those? And it is the last week of regular school – Hallelujah and AMEN…

2.    Last weekend we visited my oldest son –
     Chad and family – Jenn, Jaycee and Cody.
     Cody has been playing tee-ball and nearing the end of his season. We wanted to at least share one game with him. I must say – the boy has got game. He is really good and so much fun to watch! We also got to celebrate with the whole team at KALIEDASCOOP’s ice cream. Yummmmy. 
Good job Cody on a great baseball season!!
Boo and Pops are so very proud of you!

3.    Update – kitchen floor – is now complete. There are only a few baseboards to be put back down and we are done with the floor. My new stove (I still have the original one we installed 25years ago – it works, but it is being moved to hubby’s hunting lease) has been ordered and should be here Saturday and installed by Saturday night! WOOHOO – I am so excited…….

4.    For a “something different” and to celebrate a little more of our 38th wedding anniversary – we traveled north to Oklahoma to the Choctaw Casino for the day on Monday. We stopped along the way and did some "junk shopping". Didn't find anything, put picked up some ideas. It was fun, great drive, quality time with my BFF (hubby) and a good way to let go of our cash! We weren’t winners (at least not in the CASH way) – so I guess we will have to go back and visit “our money”  we left behind. OH DARN....

5.    On my not on a diet, diet – I am down……-15 lbs!!  I do better with a "plan" so I have writing everything down. Makes me more aware of how much I am actually putting in my mouth! Also, I think you have to be in that "mindset" and for right I am and it is working. 
(insert) Pat on the back here !

Have a great FRIDAY ya’ll

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