All Balls

All Balls
Linking up with Lauren today
FINALLY, working the early shift has made this a long week..!
  1. We have had many animals over the span of our 38+ years of marriage. At this point we are down to 3 dogs, 1 cat and 1 horse. Rebel, the horse, was born on my youngest son’s birthday in his senior year of high school. His great grandfather was Majestic Prince, a famous race horse. We, of course, had his mom and witnessed his birth.  His day consist of eating and sleeping. We don’t ride him and he doesn’t have to do any kind of work. This week, we brought in a fresh bale of hay and he was like a kid in a candy store. Simple things...

      2.I ordered UT Olympic shirts for myself and the rest of my fam. They all came in and I got them all in the mail! Love this shirt !Texas Olympic Longhorns 2012 T-shirt

3.     I have reached my first goal of -20lbs. It is a slooooooooooooooow process. Why does it go on so fast, but so slow to leave!! I have been using the MYFitnessPal app and it is great! Calorie Counter

4.     Spending last weekend with my oldest son and family. We went to the Texas Ranger baseball game. It was a quick visit, but at this point, I will take anytime with any of my grand angels  (and their parents) I can get.

5.     I was awarded the SUNSHINE AWARD by one of my all time favorite bloggers PAM at – IT”S ME AGAIN…PAMELA and her crafty blog SO MUCH CLASS AND CRAFTY
Be sure and check ‘em both out!! Thanks again Pam!

Happy Friday Ya’ll


  1. Your horse is gorgeous! By the way, congrats on your weight loss. I am going to check out that app! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Sandie, he is a spoiled as my kids!!
      The app is great - let me know if you get on - we can be friends and lend support!
      Have a great weekend!!


  2. Love the pic of your family. I understand those quick visits. Better than nothing!
    Congrats on meeting your weight goal! I am working on it!! Sunshire Award - well deserved! love keeping up with you and feel like I have made a good friend!

  3. Ditto - you and Robin are the firs two blogs I read every morning.....


  4. Congrats on the weight loss. The shirts are very cool. What a neat idea.