All Balls

All Balls
GRAND   time

As you know if you read me - at all - my beautiful, adorable, smart, intelligent, funny, cute, grand angels live away from me. This past weekend Chad, Jaycee and Cody came for a visit. I WAS IN HEAVEN. They got in late Friday - so we pretty much just said our hellos and went to bed.

On Saturday we did a little lunch eating and shopping. Cody man has gone thru a growing spurt and needed some new new duds. And if shopping is on the agenda, I am all in.

We started off with lunch a's a must when Chad comes to visit.

Jaycee loves her fried pickles

Cody was busy with Dad's phone

After lunch we made our way to the mall.........We did JC Penny's, Old Navy, Burlington Coat Factory, and Cavenders. Fun, Fun, Fun

Cody was so cute in this hat. It is a prop for a upcoming pic
Can't wait to get my copy

Jaycee waited patiently

After lunch and shopping we headed back home. Anyone see a pattern here.
These kids have it so good these days!!

A few of Chad's high school and college friends came by to visit. We cooked up some yummy burgers and hot dogs. Bobby brought his kids, Dillion and Hannah. All the kids had a blast. They ate, played the Wii, put puzzles together, played games and watched movies. It was like they had known each other all their lives. So strange to see my son and his friends with THEIR kids. The best part, when the kids misbehave and their parents have to correct them. I always told my boys - some day you will get pay back!!

We had some great adult time outside. The weather was perfect, the food and drinks were great and the stories - the stories were an eye opener.

It was a GRAND weekend with my GRAND angels. It was sad to see them go - but I think we already have plans for next weekend.

Love you guys !! 


  1. Your grand kiddos are adorable! It sounds like a wonderful weekend. :-)

  2. So happy you had a great visit. I got to see a couple of mine last weekend.