All Balls

All Balls


Several months ago I decided to look into meeting new people. When your kids are young and active - you tend to have lots of friends. Then your kids grow up, get married, move away - and those "friends" - seem to drift away. Oh, you have the loyal ones, the ones that stick by your side - no matter what - but for the most part - friends change through out your life time.

So I looked into a website called "Meet-Up" puts you in touch with many organizations, clubs, events, etc. of the kind of peeps you want to hang with. I found the "Weatherford Girlfriends and Empty Nesters."......just what I needed. Local gals in the same "boat" as me. I attended my first meeting about 2 months ago. They meet at a local restaurant and enjoyed dinner together. I was hooked.

This past week/weekend they had 2 events and I attended both and had a blast. These girls are so fun and all have similar lifestyles. Some are divorced, widowed, stay at home, retired, working..but all have a common thread of wanting to make new friends. The whole group is 70+ strong. For the most part tho, only about 10-15 attend on a regular basis.

Last Thursday we had our Christmas party at the winery that I wrote about on an earlier blog - The Lightcatcher. We enjoyed some wine tasting, some great food, lots of laughs and a gift exchange.

A shot from above

Peggy and Diane

the ladies

The exchange

Teresa and Terry

The gift I received

This past Sunday, Diane - the original organizer - hosted a cookie exchange in her home. I haven't been to a cookie exchange in years and this proved to be a blast. I made my Lemon Cake Cookies. We had quiet the variety. Gingersnaps, applesauce, snickerdoodles, peanut butter, potato chip, and chocolate pecan. We had apple cider, coffee and tea. The weather had turned cool on Sunday - so it made for a perfect setting.

my work begins

the assembly line

my presentation

the cookies

my prize for best presentation
A great prize to add to my collection !!

What did you do this weekend?
Happy Mondy Ya'll

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