All Balls

All Balls

Party On!!

Each year - for the last 15 years - a co-worker/friend and myself host and sponsor a bus trip to the casino's in Louisana. Now when I say a "bus trip" I don't mean we get on a bus,travel 4 hours - get off, gamble 6-7 hours, get back on the bus, travel home 4 hours, get off and part ways....
This my friend is a PARTY BUS!!

The MASTER (he likes you to call him that) of Ceremonies

I lend a hand when I can

The year our bus company was Gotta Go Trailways.
This is about the 5th bus company we have used and by far the best.

Our bus driver Sonia was was her first trip to Louisana - but you would never had known it. SHE ROCKED!!

We have had some REALLY good times and we have had some not so good times. Most of those that travel with us have done so for the last 15years. Some news ones each year - who always ask -"When is the next one?". We rock as host/hostess.

This year we had 53 travel with us. We always go the first Saturday in May. It is always Kentucky Derby Saturday. We always play games. We always drink (a little). We always have food. WE ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD TIME.

We play bingo - 10 games. Straight line, criss-cross, with your partner and of course blackout.
We give prizes and have lots of laughs along the way.

One of the things we do is scratch-offs. The person with the highest scratch off - also wins the prize. This year we decided to add a little excitement. One of the scratch offs was a "fake". It was a $10,000 dollar winner.
Elaine was our lucky (or unlucky) winner...she was a great sport and for about 2 mins - was ready to jump ship (bus) and head straight to Austin to cash in her card!! Thanks Elaine for playing along !!

We make one "pit" stop to stretch the legs, get a bite to eat and then we are back on the road.

Once we arrive in Louisana - you are all on your own. Everybody does their own thing and we meet back up - 7 hours later to hit the road.

We gather just before boarding the bus to watch the Kentucky Derby race. Everybody puts in $5 and we randomly draw the horse numbers. This year there were 20 horses in the field. Number 16 - ORB - won. I was the lucky winner at the table and brought home $115.00 

There were no "BIG" winners on the bus, but we had several that came home with a little heavier pockets than they went our there with. Some, the pockets were empty!!!

The ride home is much quieter. We play one game where we announce a winner to the Kentucky Derby (everyone put in a guess before we departed) The first person drawn with the correct horse winner wins the prize.

Then we put on a movie - and LIGHTS OUT!!

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  1. Sounds like you trip planners thought of everything! Did anyone wear hats in honor of the Derby?