All Balls

All Balls
All Balls 2013

It is that time of the year again when my brothers and their families join together for a reunion. We are now spread out all over Texas and needless to say, this time is very, very special to me. I have such a grand family that because of my recent back surgery..they all came to me at my house.

I had all 4 of my grand angels for the week - you are looking at one happy happy Boo!!

There were visit to a trampoline park, Six Flags, Ranger game, time in the pool and hot tub and the movie before the reunion even got started.....



All Balls "officially" began on Friday night with hamburgers, hot dogs and fried catfish. Everything in Texas is BIG and there is no lacking in the food department when it comes to that !!

Saturday the "boys" played their golf game

and the girls and kiddos hung out at the house. It was  Cody's 8th birthday - so since we didn't go anywhere special - Pops and I ordered a bounce/water slide house. WHAT FUN !!! Even the big kids joined in on the fun - hard to resist!!

There is nothing better than family time.......


The day always ends with our "awards".....which if you are a recipient - you my friend ROCK !!!
The WINER award from me to Diane !!
The WEINER award (sorry about the sideways) goes to that golfer that gives it his best - but fails....the award went from Gary to Bill (sorry Bill - I failed to get a pic of you receiving it !!)

The "family" plate....this plate was made several years ago and has all our "thumbprints" on it. It's quiet the honor to display it proudly in your home. Again, Diane gets the award. Robyn was the giver and managed to get it here in one piece from Maryland....good job Robbie !! Looks like the Bill and Diane Haines house has lots to display this coming year.

And last- but not least is the CADDY award. This, my friend is the award of all awards. it comes from the golf game and is decided upon by the golfers. Caddy is unique and one rule is that he must be displayed in a very important area of your office (or home in the case of those that don't work) and you therefore must answer all the questions when people ask..."what the hell is that ?"
This year Caddy was given to Ray. Cayla was the proud owner for the last year and while she was off vacationing in Lake Tahoe (we missed you) her dad had the honor of passing Caddy to his new home for the next year !!
Gary surprised all the "Haines's" with a gift (outdoor lighting) that he made with his very own hands....Thanks - we love them!!
And when the weekend comes to an end....this is what happens......what a crazy loving bunch of family !!

Can't wait till next you all!!!


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  1. You plan a great get together even when you are recovering from surgery! Glad you got to have time with your family... especially those grandkids! (And the bouncy thing? Genius!)