All Balls

All Balls
Before and After

Well, back surgery was 3 weeks ago today. I can't tell you how much stress has been taken off my brain and body.  If I ever have to have another major surgery, I am NOT asking anyone about anything. I was scared to death when I went in. I cried for days before just thinking about all the s*** people told me.

I am doing really well. The front and back incisions  give me little pain (that might have something to do with the pain meds). I actually have had more pain in my legs. The docs seem to think it is because I am not walking as much as I was prior to surgery. On most days I walked 12,000 or more steps (I have a Fitbit that counts my steps, calories burned, and miles walked). Right now I am only doing about 2,000 steps. So - I will be stepping it up this week,

Pre-op at the hospital was not bad at all. I had the most outstanding nurse. She had had back surgery and was so positive. I held back the nervous tears as long as I could - but when they took over, she held my hand and prayed with me. It was such an amazing moment. Thank you sweet Carol !!

I got pics to share. They are not the best - but it will give you an idea of what I now have.
before - hard to see the fracture,
it is the vertebrae just above the tailbone. Doc said it was bone on bone

This is the view from the front (they went in thru the abdomen, then flipped me over

The backside view. I am now 13 milimeters taller. Guess I will have to shop in the tall ladies department.

This is the incision on my back. Sorry no front pic - little to close to the private area. All stitches are inside and will dissolve on their own. Looks worse than it is.
I can't praise my doctor, Dr.Anthony Lee, enough. He was AWESOME. He answered all my questions, explained each step with me, took all the time I needed and I couldn't be more happy.
Look out - can't wait to get back to my walking - might even shoot for a half marathon next year !!


  1. Ouuucchh! Very brave, Boo! Good job! Now time to play..see you in 6 sleeps!

  2. So glad it went well for you! Hope your recovery is complete soon.

  3. I'm so happy that your surgery went so well! Miss you lots!