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Foster Parents

That's right, Wheatie and I became FOSTER PARENTS this past week. Got our first "fosters" last Weds., Corky and Willow. Cute names, huh?

Before you go - WHAT WHAT....we ARE foster parents, but to the furbaby kind. I LOVE ANIMALS...always have, always will. They have unconditional love for you, are always happy to see you, and you can depend on them to listen to your every word.

MEET CORKY AND WILLOW: (actually they are ours to keep)

They are brother and sister - about a year old. Corky - the male (gray and white) seems to have allergies and always has a little runny nose. When he was put up for adoption, everyone thought he was sick and could not get adopted. Willow - his sister is very shy. She didn't make a good candidate either for adoption. So we took them as barn cats. THEY LOVE IT.....Willow's foster mom told us she is quiet the hunter - so she should have plenty to keep her busy. They have a great place to live in the barn and have even managed to make friends with our horse REBEL.....I am sure they think he is a mighty big dog!!

Then this past Saturday, we got our first true foster fur baby - Taco - aka Odie. He was found as a stray and later it was determined that apparently his owner had died and he was just let lose. How cruel for him. When he was rescued, he was named Taco. As more was found out about him and after a talk to the vet (at least he had tags) his real name turned out to be Odie. He is so sweet and lovable. Our girls, Sam and Cappy are great big sisters. He has fit right in. He already has a application to be adopted.....and should be ready to go Feb. 1

Wheatie was a little concerned when I brought the whole foster thing up. He knows I tend to make a pet out of everything that wanders onto our land. But these furbabies will go to good homes and that will make me very happy. Being a foster parent keeps them out of the shelter and provides some much needed love and care until their forever home can be found.
I think we made a great decision !!

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  1. My mom fosters - she has adopted 2 of her fosters. I think she has around 40 total now in the past 2 years. A lot have been mama's with babies. I think it is a wonderful calling.