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All Balls

Works of Art

I don't have the wonderful fortune of being close to any 4 of my grandangels. I try really hard to be a part of their lives and visit with them as often as Wheatie and I can. Face time and snail mail are my friends...

Sooooo - when we get "stuff" in the mail - my day is so much better. Since the day we were blessed with each and every one of them ~~ I have been keeping EVERYTHING they send to us in the mail or anything and everything they give us when we are with them.

Of course, for the most part their works of are have found their way to my fridge, sometimes to the point that I can't see the handle. Couple of weeks ago I found these really cool frames, where you can display WORKS OF all those loving pieces of artwork that my grandangels take the time to do for me - have a WALL OF HONOR and I can see them each and every day. It is really cool that I can switch out when I get new ones (hint, hint)

The frames are proudly displayed in my kitchen for all to see and enjoy....

THANKS to my grand angels for taking the time for me and Pops !!
Love you guys to the moon and back....

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  1. You don't know how blessed you are! I am in the same boat, however it is ME that does all the sending, if there is any sending...I have even given them stationary WITH stamps and it is like pulling teeth. I have to settle for what they make when they are at my house in the summer for the 2 weeks. I have a couple of things my daughter has sent me from Tucker. One for mother's day once time and the other for Christmas. They just don't think about it, I guess. I don't think mine would ever thing to get a "grammie" necklace or charm. Ok, there is my pity