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All Balls

40 years

Sunday May 25, 2014, Wheatie and I will be married 40 years. Have been together 42. It has been quiet a ride. People ask me "what's the secret to a long, happy marriage ?".
First and foremost is that you can not be selfish. A marriage is made up of 2 people (and then when you bring kids into it - it multiples even more). One partner can not always have their way. The marriage can't be about WHAT YOU WANT. It's a partnership, sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don't. You have to give a 100% more than you get. You have to let a whole lot roll off your back. Don't take everything so seriously and for the love of GOD ~ keep your mouth shut. I can honestly count on one hand the "real arguments" we have ever had. We both are stubborn, but at the same time, we both know when to just shut our mouth and move on. When you argue and get mad, you are wasting precious time. Wheatie and I are a perfect match. We love to do things together and we love to do things APART. You can't do everything together all the time. Everyone needs their space. Share your house duties, share your money, share your thoughts, share your time, share your love.....It's a 2 person other way will work.

Trust in God and say your prayers.

To start of a long weekend of celebrating, we went to the Colonial Golf Tournament and had a blast.

Friday was spent at home, enjoying the outside and doing some s'mores on the fire. Love being at home with Wheatie.

Over the weekend we traveled to Shreveport to leave our money at the casinos. Always a good time here. Wheatie was a WINNER !!
While we there we saw Dierks Bentley in concert. Put on a awesome show..

My BIG celebration will be this summer when we take all the kids and grandkids to Disneyworld. It is something I have always said I wanted to do when we hit the big 4 0 in our marriage. I can't wait...we are going to have so much fun and the thought of being with ALL my family for a whole week is beyond excitement for me!!

Happy 40 years to Wheatie - love you to the moon and back !! Let's do 40 more !!

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