All Balls

All Balls

Mr. Bentley to you...

As you know, Wheatie and I are foster parents for a local pet rescue group. We have been doing it since the first of the year and it has proved to be so rewarding....

Bentley was our 4th foster and was adopted two weekends ago.
This is Bentley (on the left) with his brother Shorty.
The boys were owner surrendered the first of May.
Their owners, a senior couple, were moving to an assisted living facility
and were unable to take the boys with them.
Shorty was adopted several weeks ago.

Bentley was an AWESOME dog. Such a personality and so much love to give.
His favorite treat was an ice cube. He loved to roll over and get his belly scratched. He loved to sit next to you. He LOVED to bark at the horse and when he was outside, the beagle in him had his nose to the ground. The rabbits drove him NUTS.
 He was a "party" dog and loved our girls.
He was a big part of our family for 7 weeks.
 His new family drove over an hour to pick him up last weekend. His new "dad" is actually the 16yoa of the family, Alex. He did all the correspondence and had saved his money up to pay for the adoption.

Happy Life Bentley !!

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