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All Balls

3 day weekend

Haven't had a 3 day weekend, with just Wheatie in a while. This was AAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING!
Friday we worked out little bones off, mowing, flagpole repair, weed eating, laundry..blah blah blah.
Wheatie won VIP tickets to the Fort Worth Fourth and so we ventured down to check it out. OMGOSH..the people...over 75,000 - not our kind of "fun". The VIP tent was ok and worth the "free" ticket....

Bright and early Saturday morning we went to the monthly SOCIAL 5K RUN sponsored by Rahr Brewery. The run is working up to a the big Oktoberfest Run in October...after the run you get 3 beer tasting, food and a brewery tour. Didn't finish first (LOL) but didn't finish last either.....damn near passed out from the heat ........I would do it again


Sunday, we mended a 100 feet of fence
(Thanks Hagen for finding that one HOLE you could squeeze thru)
and tried to recover from the previous 2 days !!

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