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Scarf Swap

I have participated in several blog swaps in the past. They are very fun and tho I have been "burned" on a couple....the good have always out weighed the bad. This month I was lucky enough to be involved in a scarf swap  The Perfect Catch !! I mean, seriously...who would pass that up. I LOVE SCARFS and I got a great match.

I was matched up with Penny at here at Penny's Passion. She is an amazing blogger and we quickly exchanged emails and found it is a small, small world. We are both lovers of sports, her the St. Louis teams and me, of course, my TEXAS longhorns !!

My BURNT orange scarf,
my BURNT orange note cards
 and an awesome note from Penny !
Thanks, you did GOOD, girl


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    1. I went to read your blog today and my computer blocked me!! Says it is "forums" - how am I going to get my JAZ on ??? Will try to remember to check on you when I get home.....

  2. Wow, thats a great haul!! Neat idea too!

  3. Thank you so much for participating in the scarf swap! I've been burned in past swaps before so I totally understand, but I'm so happy that this year was not one of those. I love your scarf and all of your spirited items!